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Doctor-Patient Relationships.

Our small office size permits patients and staff to form genuine relationships and allows easier access to the physician.

Internists are

Patient Advocates.

It is the role of the internist, as patient advocate, to recommend the sub-specialist and communicate with the sub-specialist on behalf of the patient.


High Quality Health Care

The job of an internist is to make the initial diagnosis of medical problems and determine the next plan of care in the treatment process. It is optimal for the doctor-patient relationship to be firmly established first.

Preventative Health

Physical exams and appropriate vaccinations for men and women.

Hospital Care

Continuity of care is preserved as the doctor sees you every day throughout your hospital stay.

Same Day Appts

We offer same day office visits for urgent issues.

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Meet Your Doctor 

Elaine Holt, MD completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, NY and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. She sees both men and women beginning at age 18 and practices general Internal Medicine with particular emphasis on preventative health maintenance and early diagnosis of medical problems.

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We offer same day office visits for urgent issues.

Our Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm.

The doctor is available after hours by phone for emergencies.

The Doctor Next Door

The Doctor Next Door is a collection of stories, lessons, and reflections that celebrate life, relationships, and the indomitable human spirit. It peeks inside the mind of the physician as a person- sometimes flawed, sarcastic, and unnervingly close to the patient’s suffering. The Doctor Next Door reveals the intimacy of the doctor-patient bond and may change the way you look at the field of medicine.